Cctv And Privacy

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Manage CCTV systems in line with their legal obligations and good personal information handling practice. They aim to deliver simple, practical help to those wishing to set up and operate CCTV, whatever the size of their organisation encourage them to set up CCTV systems in ways that protect the privacy of individuals .Hi my next door have put a cctv camra in there bedroom window which faces a public path and a buzzy car park they have no signs to state they have cctv and I’ve been around and ask them to point it on to there property and got told no the car park which i use and my children walk past the public path it faces on it records my children coming .Others believe that the CCTV is a great intruder of their privacy. In a way, there might be a way that this can be true. In case the CCTV company fixes the CCTV in sensitive areas like in the bedroom, or in the bathroom, there will definitely be a privacy invasion. That is the reason why some have the complaint about the CCTV..Despite its usefulness, the use of CCTV surveillance is not without controversy. CCTVs can be regarded as some to be an invasion of one’s privacy. For instance, if they are installed thoughtlessly at say someone else’s bedroom or bathroom, it will indeed be an intrusive act..

Cctv and privacy

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