Are Smartphones Destroying A Generation

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Have smartphones destroyed a generation? A Sango State University professor of Psychology and author seems to think so.. Have smartphones destroyed a Generation? Born between , members of this generation are growing up with smartphones, .The Smartphone Generation Less, Fewer Drinks The Smartphone Generation Less, Fewer Drinks, More As new generations grow up using smartphones, . Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Sports. College Football Talk. Off Topic Pub. Polyticks. Humor. The Church Pew. Baseball. Basketball. Soccer..The same people who proclaimed a narcissism epidemic among millennials now say teens are being ruined by smartphones. They’re wrong..Like it or not, smartphones are here to stay and your teen is part of the smartphone generation. Rather than “just say no,” how can parents set wise limits?.While thinking about this over the past few months, this article was particularly uncomfortable reading Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Technology is a tool .No, Smartphones are Not Destroying a Generation. A recent article in the Atlantic claims that smartphones and social media have ruined a generation. It is wrong..

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