Are Pcbs Hazardous Waste

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PCBs are not defined as hazardous wastes Memo, Weddle to Verde RCRA Online . . However, it is possible that PCBs may be incidental contaminants in listed hazardous waste e.g., solvent used to remove PCBs from transformers or may be present in wastes that are characteristically hazardous..Hazardous Waste. PCBs are not hazardous waste under federal regulations, although many of the management requirements are similar to those for hazardous wastes. Some states, like Massachusetts, choose to include PCBs in their RCRA Hazardous Waste programs..Hazardous waste is a waste with properties that make it potentially dangerous or harmful to human health or the environment. DDT, PCBs, etc. . When toxic wastes are disposed, the toxic constituents may leach from the waste and pollute ground water. The characteristic of toxicity is defined in section . of the hazardous waste regulations..Classification and Handling of PCB Waste Note The official version of this document is on the Waste Management Web page. Printed copies are not official versions of the document. Before using the printed copy, verify that it is the most current version. PCBs, which must be understood in order to manage PCB wastes in compliance with the law..

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Are pcbs hazardous waste

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