Are Laptops Allowed On American Airlines

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Are laptops allowed on american airlines

There are restrictions on certain common items, like liquids and batteries, when flying with us..The Transportation Security Administration has various regulations concerning items allowed and not Most airlines do not allow laptops or electronic devices to be .Airline Rules for Laptops. Airlines have a set of rules concerning laptops too, What Is the Travel Size Allowed on Flights?.Airline Laptop Ban Could Be Extended to Flights from Europe. and American Airlines global guidance for the use of laptops and other portable electronics . Laptops and larger electronics will be banned from being taken on board as carry on luggage. Smartphones will be allowed, American Airlines to cancel .The measure will affect nine airlines operating out of airports. Large electronic devices will only be allowed on technology writer and EU Editor for toMac..I cannot find any official source on google or website, is there anywhere on the AA site that says a laptop is allowed on a domestic US American .

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