Are Computers Conscious

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Can Computers Be Conscious? By studying the neural networks in the brain, scientists have constructed computer based models that mirror the brain’s complex biological networks. Max Miller. September, . Computers have seem “mind like” to people since they were invented in s..Harris’ interviewees an year old professor of computer science and philosophy, and the two discuss conditions that can lead to consciousness, to self awareness in machines. In the end the case of chess playing computers comes up as the “embodiment of all the philosophical ideas”..In his article “Artificial Consciousness Utopia or Real Possibility,” Giorgio Buttazzo says that a common objection to artificial consciousness is that “Working in a fully automated mode, they [the computers] cannot exhibit creativity, emotions, or free will. A computer, like a washing machine, is a slave operated by its components.”.Many advanced artificial intelligence projects say they are working toward building a conscious machine, based on the idea that brain functions merely encode and process multisensory information. The assumption goes, then, that once brain functions are properly understood, it should be possible to program them into a computer..

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Are computers conscious

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