Are Computers Bad For You

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They are bad for you because they directly affect your eyesight. I use a computer for baout hours everyday but don’t have any eye damage whatsoever. Every person is different so computers have different effects on you that me. Basically you can .I have been a computer service technician in a big box chain, and while we did get returns and had some issues with their low end refurbished systems. I chose an HP laptop due to it’s quality and repairability. Later, I performed depot warranty re .It is not as if computers choose to do that, or anything. Besides, there are far worse things in life than. the also waste you time when you could be finding something good to do. Says the person posting this response on a computer. And not all things computer related are a waste of time..People say computers are bad for people because they can become addictive. You find a site you like and end up spending hours stright on it. Also, computers can be damaging to people, withography, and information that is damging to people’s lives..

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Are computers bad for you

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