A Smartphone Based Ophthalmoscope

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A Smartphone Based Ophthalmoscope Mario E. Giardini EMBS Member , Iain A. T. Livingstone, Stewart Jordan , Nigel M . Bolster , Tunde Peto, Matthew Burton, Andrew Bastawrous $. .Peek Retina Medical is a CE registered class medical device. It is a smartphone based ophthalmoscope that enables retinal imaging through a dilated pupil. IMPORTANT NOTICE As a Medical device, there are limitations on where this device can be shipped..PDF | A low cost alternative to the direct ophthalmoscope, a simple optical adapter for a smartphone, is described. It can overcome many of the technical challenges of fundoscopy, providing a high resolution view of the retina through an un dilated pupil. This can be used in .Other academia based smartphone attachments apparatus have been developed and tested using general principles of direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy.[][][][][] While quality of smartphone captured media cannot compare to higher end fundus cameras[], the widespread availability, built in data transmission capability, and of course .

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Image Result For A Smartphone Based Ophthalmoscope

A smartphone based ophthalmoscope

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